What is the purpose of admissions essays? 大学はエッセイを通して何を知りたいの? and Exciting Announcement!
What is the pur...

Last weekend, I held a workshop for high school students and parents on "Admissions Essay 101." A large part of my audience is Japanese, and with Japanese parents who may have not attended college in the United States, the college planning process is stressful for both student and parents. I undeniably know that feeling, as my parents and I had no idea how to navigate through all of the information, rumors, expectations, and deadlines!

For a lot of students, writing the admissions essays is a big and daunting task. They know that this is where they need to show off their "soft skills" such as personality, talents, communication skills, and teamwork habits. But, how exactly do you portray yourself in a way that is appealing to the admissions team and paints an accurate and detailed picture of you?

First off, understanding the purpose of the admissions essay is a good place to start. Once we know the purpose this serves, then we can work backwards and make sure to hit the crucial points!

The admissions essay has THREE important functions:

①Tell your story
② Reveal your mindset
③ Convey your potential

To tell your story is to talk about who you are, where you come from, what experiences have you had. This is pretty basic, and if you answer the question to the prompt, there's no doubt you'll cover this part.

Now, ② and ③ may not be so obvious. Revealing your mindset, which is the way that you think, is crucial as you are telling your story. Make sure to include how you interpreted and then responded to the situation of your storyline to let the readers know what kind of thought process you have.

Carol S. Dweck, who studies mindset psychology, says "Test scores and measures of achievement tell you where a student is, but they don't tell you where a student could end up." What does reveal the potential of a student is the way that the student thinks. Now that you've revealed the way you think in ②, you can tell the reader how your mindset can be applied to the future, as in once you are in college as a student.

Phew! That was a lot of information. If you're interested in learning more about each step and learn exactly include this in your essay seamlessly, click here to sign up for a 2-hour WEBINAR.

In the webinar, we will include topics like:
- Information on two main application portals: Common Application and UC System
- What is the purpose of admissions essays? What is the admissions side expecting from the essay?
- 2 brainstorming activities to craft a convincing story for the essay
- Effective way to deliver your message using transformational vocabulary and easy-to-follow structure (hint: it's not a five paragraph essay!)
- Analyzing example essays to identify components of a successful essay

Seats are limited in this activity-packed seminarm sign up !