3 Ways to Build Self-Confidence 自信をつける3つの方法
3 Ways to Build...

We all know that self-confidence is a fundamental skill in life. According to Dr. Ivan Joseph in his TEDx speech, he says that self-confidence comes from repeatedly practicing a task and building small confidence over and over again. Once you get to a high-pressure task or situation, you have all the experience to be able to say "I can do this. I've got this."

But how exactly do we build self-confidence? Below, I've outlined the three ways that you can do to nurture this skill.

1. Stop the negative self-talk

Listen to the way you talk to yourself. When doubt and fear comes to your mind, do you feed into that fear? Or do you shut that voice out and feed it positive, uplifting words instead?

Next time your head goes "I can't do this" say to yourself "I CAN do this because I've done things I thought I could do before!"

2. Praise the good efforts instead of focusing on the improvements

Again, our mind automatically tries to find fault and point out the things we didn't do so well. Instead of giving lots of thought into what you did WRONG, why not praise yourself what you did right?

Focusing on what you did right will not only help you to see how you can recreate it again, it will also help you feel confident that you have skill and talent and that you are better than you think.

3. Interpret situations in your favor

Dr. Ivan Joseph uses an example of when he was courting his now-wife. When she turned him down, he didn't give up the first time. When his wife told him the second time that she wouldn't get with him unless "the world was coming to an end and hell was freezing over" he thought "well then I DO have a chance!"

You see, situations are always neutral. Nothing is ever good or bad, nothing is ever a success or failure unless YOU give it that meaning. So you decide. Will you decide to look at the situation in a positive light or negative light? Will you use the situation to your advantage and use it to encourage you?

Check out the full video if you're interested. Will you try these three tips to build your self-confidence? Let me know in the comments below!