Killing your ANT- ネガティブ思考を退治!
Killing your AN...

Last time, I shared that out of the 60,000 thoughts that people have in a single day, 75% of thoughts are negative. Click here if you haven't read that article, because I HIGHLY suggest that you read that first.

Today, I want to share with you how to change those negative thoughts to empowering ones. Continue reading to find out how!

ANT is an acronym for:

All Negative Thoughts

Take a moment to think of all the ANTs you need to get rid of in your life right now. In these next six steps, I will show you how to exterminate those ANTS and change them for the better!

1. Write down your ANT on paper.

Be as thorough as possible when writing these thoughts. Write in detail these thoughts: the circumstance, the situation, the feeling, etc.

Example: I am not smart enough to get good grades.

2. Is this true?

The answer is most likely no. If you answered no, skip to Step 4. However, if your answer is yes, move onto the next step.

Example: No, it’s not necessarily true. I have gotten good grades before. I think I’m smart in some subjects, like math.

3. Can you be 100% sure that this is true?

If you really think about it, there aren’t many things in life that you can be 100% certain about. Ask yourself again, and don’t let feelings get in the way. Are you sure that your ANT is 100% true?

4. How do you feel when you think about the ANT?

Example: I feel bad about myself; I feel worthless; I feel not good enough; I feel like I’m a lost cause. I feel like I won’t ever get anywhere in life.

5. How would you feel without the ANT?

Imagine yourself without the ANT. Imagine your life without the ANT. How does that make you feel? Feel the shift in your body as you imagine a world without the ANT. Does it feel lighter without that heavy and negative weight off your shoulders?

6. Think of the ANT’s opposite.

Now that you were able to feel yourself without the ANT, imagine the complete opposite of your ANT. Write out the statement. How do you feel now and how does it feel different from the previous step? Do you feel strengthened, empowered, confident, reassured? ENJOY this feeling.

Example: I am smart and I can get good grades.

The final step is this: now that you’ve experienced what it feels like to live without, and even better, what you could be if you believed the opposite of the ANT, commit to it. Make a decision from here on out that you won’t let the ANT bring you down. This exercise is like a muscle; you have to keep working at it, you can’t get complacent. Next time you feel the ANT, don’t beat yourself up for having it come again. Simply repeat the six steps and make yourself feel good.