ASE English のミッションは、日米バイリンガルの生徒達がアメリカの学校や社会で成功できる勉強方法とマインドセット(考え方)を教えることです。


As a Japanese immigrant growing up in the United States, there were many times when I felt that I wasn't "good enough." Even though there is so much diversity in Southern California where I grew up, I always somehow felt different from others and felt the need to prove myself to others through school. It wasn't until high school that I realized I lacked a firm foundation of English and understanding of U.S. academics. Not only did my grades suffer, but also I struggled to find resources to guide me in navigating through college and professional career. Every next step was dauting becuase I didn't know who or where to turn to for help.

As someone who has been in your shoes, I understand first-handedly what you are needing: support with your school work, but more importantly, connection with someone who understands you and have come out on the other side. When I was growing up, this is exactly the kind of person I needed in my life. Someone who could mentor me and guide me through it all.

My teaching style comes from a place of authentic experience and tactics that have worked for me. These are tried and true study tips that I have employed in not just my educational journey but also in my professional career and in life.

My promise to you is that not only will you receive academic help, you will also learn how to mindset skills you need in order to feel confident as a bilingual and bicultural students in the U.S.  What a gift you have been given, to have two backgrounds to call home.

You are unique, your experiences have shaped you into the person that you are today, and you should be proud. Now, it’s time to step up and take ownership of that. It’s time that you gain confidence in both your identity and your abilities, and to take action to become the person you want to be.


立川愛弓:日本で生まれ5歳の時に 渡米。7歳でサンディエゴに引越し、現地校と補習校両方に通う。 2016年にUniversity of Richmond 卒業。専攻は International Studies (World Politics and Diplomacy concentration)、Japanese minor。大学三年生の時にはスイスのジュネーブに一年留学。大学卒業後、サンディエゴに戻り、Feeding San Diego, Club Z Tutoring, Catholic Charitiesでプログラムマネージャーとしての経験を果たす。生徒に英語を教え始めて7年以上、様々なバックグラウンドの幅広い年齢の生徒を教えた経験がある。自身の経験を生かし、日本のバックグラウンドを持った生徒達が英語に自信を持って「なりたい自分」に近づけるお手伝いすることがミッション。

Ayumi Tachikawa: Born in Japan and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of five with her family. At the age of seven, she moved to San Diego, California and attended both American high school and Japanese school on Saturdays, while playing competitive piano. In 2016, she received a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (World Politics and Diplomacy concentration) and Japanese minor. During her junior year of college, she studied abroad in Switzerland for a year. After graduation, she moved back to San Diego, where she worked at Feeding San Diego, Club Z Tutoring, and and eventually landed her managerial position at Catholic Charities. She has been tutoring and mentoring students of varying ages for more than seven years helping to improve their English reading and writing skills and in turn giving them more confidence in both their academic and personal lives. Her mission is to empower students with a Japanese background to feel confident in themselves by helping them improve their English and gain life-long study skills to succeed in college and career.