Academic Coaching
リストの画像This service is geared towards high school and college students to help them learn life-long study skills that can be applied to any subject.

This is a personalized tutoring service for each individual student to meet specific academic needs and goals. In addition, this service will incorporate lessons on:

- Time management skills
- Studying and test taking strategies
- Critical thinking and analysis skills
- Self-development tools to increase productivity
- Increasing self-confidence, in both academic and personal life

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ハイスクールおよび大学生を対象に、どの科目にも応用できる勉強法、「一生ものの "Study Skill" 」を身につけるお手伝いをします。


・Critical Thinking(クリティカル・シンキング)とAnalysis(分析)のスキル

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Admissions Essay Coaching
リストの画像This service is designed to help you fix problem areas while giving you the tools to strengthen and improve your essay writing skills. You will receive critical feedback on writing your best admissions essay to get into the college of your choice.

You can expect:
- A proofread document with track changes with spelling, typing, grammar, and other clerical error corrections
- Revisions and suggestions to improve the organizational structure of the essay
- Suggestions to help you improve your writing
- Tips and guidelines to help you write better essays in the future

*Service for entire writing process (from brainstorming to finalizing) is available upon request.

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Essay Writing Bootcamp
リストの画像This 6-week Essay Writing Bootcamp will give you the tools you need to see immediate improvements in your writing!

The course will teach you how-to:

- Brain-dump and brainstorm to guide you to your argument effortlessly
- Structure your essay so that your essay is convincing and easy-to-follow

This course is ideal for students who want to write better essays for class and/or SAT and ACT essays.

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Resume Building (Limited Time Bonus: LinkedIn Construction)
リストの画像In this day and age, a well-crafted resume is critical in taking the next step in your academic or career. You'll learn how to craft a powerful resume once and for all from a resume-building expert who has crafted effective resumes, not only for her own career, but also for others. Take the first step and commit to building one today, so you can keep using the same one with little tweaks here and there for the rest of your life!

In this 4-week course, you will learn how to:

- Brainstorm your experiences and skills by thinking outside the box
- Format your essay to showcase your skills and use effective verbiage to accentuate your experiences

AND as a Limited Time Bonus , we are also offering a tutorial on how to build your LinkedIn page, so you can deliver the most important information and attract views from recruiters!

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